Crisp whites? Bold reds? these bottles all have something going for them.

Aug 04, 2022 225

BY: Frank Cipparone

No stories this month about winemakers, Italy’s incredible number of grapes, specific regions, or types of wine. Just a bottle roundup, a selection of affordably satisfying wines, almost all of them under $20, many of them in the $10-$15 range that you don’t have to think too hard about. Wines that snobs would probably give the cold shoulder. These corkers are a Festivus for The Rest of Us, a celebration of … well, of nothing, just the juice of fermented grapes.

I’ve always told people to like what they drink. That’s the reason for this list, an idea I debuted three years ago. If you’ve seen a restaurant wine list the format should be familiar. Throw out the tasting notes, anecdotes, or gushing over aromas, flavors or anything else that gets in the way. There’s something here for everybody, so grab a corkscrew and glasses and get the party started.

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