Discovering Franciacorta

Apr 17, 2024 779

BY: Gargi Guha

It was a beautiful April evening in Hong Kong and we were on the 32nd floor, surrounded by glitzy skyscrapers, replete with gleaming lights. A few of us friends had gathered to celebrate the momentous occasion of our 40-something friend going back to university soon. It was a bittersweet moment, as every farewell tends to be.

Toasts were said and as I took my first sip, and tipped my head a little backwards to glance at a luminous sky spangled with tiny stars, I could feel the same sky burst ceremoniously into my mouth. Silky smooth and luscious, with the finest of bubbles, it filled me with aromas of peach, lemon and apricot with a lingering whisper of freshly baked brioche.

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