Dishes of Umbrain cuisine to try

May 25, 2022 200

The gastronomical specialties of Umbria region are endless. It is one of the areas of Italy with more variety of products and preparation, according to the territory of origin and traditions handed down from family to family. Umbrian cuisine is influenced by the neighboring regions of Tuscany, Latium and Marche, which lead to the birth of the excellent Umbrian cooking.


It is not a cake, but rather one of the most versatile dishes of Umbrian cooking. It takes its name from the instrument that is used to cook the dough. It is a disc in stone on which they were also cooked in the past focaccia. Today the material has changed and it is passed to the cast iron, but the result is always the same: a warm and simple dough made of flour, water, salt and bicarbonate, ready to be stuffed with local specialties.

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