Drone captures moonlight over Christmas tree on Italian lake

Dec 23, 2021 439

It is the world's largest floating Christmas tree, according to those who designed it, and tourists came to Castiglione del Lago from all around the country to admire it. "For me, it's beautiful, it's already the third year that we come", Emma Pasquini said. "We came for the first time before the pandemic and then we came back this year."

"It really makes you feel the spirit of Christmas", added her husband Emilio Pasquini. The tree is made of one hundred and sixty five 9-metre supporting poles, seven kilometres of electric cable, 2,600 perimeter lights, and it's over one kilometre long. More than 100 volunteers took part in this project, which started in 2019.

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SOURCE: https://uk.news.yahoo.com

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