Eating in Trentino: Typical Dishes and Restaurants

Feb 05, 2020 267

BY: Maurizio Bertera

The Trentino region’s cuisine is very much influenced by the neighboring Veneto and South Tyrol regions. In this area, two particular ingredients are untouchable. The first: apples, used for many dry cakes, various desserts, and even savory recipes. The apples of Val di Sole and Val di Non are probably the best in Italy and are the symbol of this area.

The second: cheeses made in the dairy farms and mountain huts that make Trentino a major source of Italy’s dairy production. And then there’s a world of delicious meat (above all pork and game), cured meats such as luganega sausage, mortandela (not to be confuse with mortadella from Bologna), speck and ciuiga (which is prepared with the less prized parts of pork and beef and contain minced fresh turnips in the mixture).

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