In Emilia-Romagna, Finding Relatives and a Way To Help Others Learn About Family History

Apr 21, 2019 91

BY: Silvia Donati

For our series ‘Back to Your Italian Roots,’ where we share stories of readers who have traveled to Italy to reconnect with relatives and visit their ancestral towns, we’ve talked to Laura Ventimiglia, whose grandparents emigrated to America from two tiny villages in the province of Cento in the early 1900s, Renazzo and Dodici Morelli.

Laura didn’t become fully aware of her Italian roots until she married a Sicilian-American. Noticing how her approach to discipline and education differed from her husband, who was raised in a Sicilian family in a largely Sicilian-American community in Massachussetts, Laura decided it would be important to understand the ways in which her Italian heritage shaped her identity and life, and in turn would influence her children’s upbringing.

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