Environmental education: RICREA projects open up to Italian schools abroad

Jan 10, 2022 242

Ambarabà Ricicloclò®, Riciclick® and Yes, I Can: the initiatives aimed at primary and secondary students around the world are underway. Increasingly the younger generations are calling out for real changes in the world. But big revolutions sometimes start with small daily gestures, such as proper waste separation.

RICREA, the non-profit National Consortium for the Recycling and Recovery of Steel Packaging, part of the CONAI System, has been working for over twenty years to raise awareness of the value of recycling steel packaging among students. Poetic compositions, photo shoots, performances, debates and comparisons: the initiatives promoted by the Consortium with the patronage of the Ministry of Ecological Transition are aimed at school pupils of all levels throughout the country. 

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SOURCE: https://italiana.esteri.it/

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