Everything You Never Knew About Chianti (And Why to Drink It Now)

Oct 03, 2018 442

Say the words “red sauce,” and many of us immediately conjure the smell of hearty tomato “gravy” bubbling away on grandma’s stove or in the kitchen of a favorite Italian restaurant. Whether you’re of Italian descent or not, it’s hard to argue that the fresh zing of basil and oregano, the spicy scents of veal, pork, or beef, and a steaming heap of pasta on your plate feels like a warm welcome home.

No classic Italian meal is complete without a glass of ruby red vino at your elbow. These days, that something should be Chianti, but not the straw-covered bottle you might remember from “Lady and the Tramp.” Intrepid purveyors such as DaVinci Wines are leading the fruit-forward charge into a brave new world where Chianti is as approachable as it is memorable.

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SOURCE: https://vinepair.com

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