Food Selling In Modern Times: Two Different Models

Oct 15, 2018 457

BY: Cecilia Lazzareschi

We are what we eat. Also, what we eat reflects what we are, I would say. In recent times indeed, people became more conscious about the risks of an unhealthy diet and more aware of the threats posed by intensive industrial food production. Issues like that have arisen even in Italy, the cradle of the Mediterranean diet, traditionally devoted to high-quality products and nostalgic for the good old grandma’s cooking. This return to quality however is especially linked to the modern obsession for comfort, sought in all aspects of daily life.

In the field of food, a possible model combining both quality and comfort is FICO Eataly World, the world’s largest agri-food park, situated in the suburbs of Bologna. With its two hectares of open-air fields and stables, forty farming factories and as many restaurants, this sort of permanent expo tries to gather in the same place the entire Italian gastronomic tradition. FICO “aims at telling the world about the excellence of Italian food and wines”, as it is written in the official website (available in Italian, English and – quite a relevant detail – Chinese).

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