H-Farm Unveils New Camp in Italy

Sep 08, 2020 204

BY: Alessandra Turra

H-Farm, one of Europe’s leading innovation hubs, inaugurated on Monday its new campus, which will be able to welcome up to 3,000 people, including entrepreneurs, professionals and students. A project that was conceived back in 2016 but was slowed due to bureaucratic issues, the creation of the new campus results from an expansion of H-Farm’s already existing headquarters in Italy’s Veneto region.

The publicly listed company’s newly inaugurated campus spans over 51 hectares and includes 10 new buildings, occupying a surface of 322,217 square feet, dedicated to education, but also to the world of start-ups and companies. In particular, five new buildings will welcome up to 2,000 students, from kindergarten to post-graduate, and a dorm will be able to host up to 244 students. 

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SOURCE: https://finance.yahoo.com

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