How To Order Amazing, Artisanal Panettone Direct From Italy

Nov 25, 2020 302

BY: Catherine Sabino

Panettone, whose origins have long been associated with the Italian region of Lombardy, is a sweet enjoyed throughout the world during the holidays. Top bakers in different parts of Italy turn the full force of their considerable talents to making artisanal versions of this bread-cake during the Christmas season, utilizing both traditional and contemporary recipes, which are attracting new fans to this classic treat.

While travel to Italy is restricted for many, you can still enjoy panettoni that you might have only found locally. Below are a number of delicious varieties that ship to the U.S. And if you’re living in Italy (Milan, Rome, Turin and Bologna) or London, check out the new home delivery service for panettoni and other specialty foods and products offered by Cosaporto, the digital site based in Rome.

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