Il Sentiero d’Italia

Jan 22, 2019 231

BY: Francesca Bezzone

Did you know that the longest trekking trail in the world belongs to Italy? The Sentiero d’Italia is the amazing path that, starting from the North Eastern Italian Alps, joins together the Alps and the Apennines, creating a 6000 km long walk immersed in nature, history and beauty. After years of abandon and neglect, the Sentiero has been finally discovered once more and it’s ready to be walked and loved again.

A wealth of 6166 km, across 20 regions, 655 passes, 360 villages, towns and hamlets and 6 UNESCO Natural Sites, all divided in 368 legs, their higher point at 3098 metres above sea level. Giancarlo Corbellini, famous Italian explorer, geographer and mountaineer, says it is ” the longest high route in the world.”

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