Italian vs American design. Is nationality still relevant?

Jun 07, 2019 153

BY: Laura Traldi

The promotion of design through nationality is an established tradition. There have been great exhibitions stemming from critical viewpoints (one of the most recent ones, at the Design Museum of London, stating that “Designed in California is the new Made in Italy “). And the country-based groupages are very much alive at the Design Weeks around the world.

But does it make sense? How relevant is the “national” factor in a globalized world?
There was a time in which nationality truly mattered. Looking at two objects designed in the 50s – the DAW chair by Eames and the Mezzadro by Castiglioni. – there was an abyss in the designers’ intention back in those days. While the Eameses were focused on the innovation of materials and technologies, Castiglioni was clearly the representation of social changes through design.

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