Italian Wine Demand Outstripping Supply

Sep 21, 2019 274

BY: Don Kavanagh

While France still rules the roost when it comes to what people look for on Wine-Searcher, the big winner in terms of interest is Italy – but retailers aren't keeping up with the changes in demand. As we noted in a story last month, interest in Italian wine has been growing and Wine-Searcher's figures certainly back that up.

However, despite Italy displacing the US in terms of interest back in 2018, the number of offers – that is, the number of wines being offered for sale by retailers on Wine-Searcher – listed for US wines outstrips the number of Italian offers by almost one third. While Italian wines currently account for 16.44 percent of searches so far this year (and 16.95 percent of offers), US wines made up just 14.9 percent of searches but accounted for 22.4 percent of offers.

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