Italian wines exports counter the crisis

Jul 17, 2021 232

In 2020, Italian wines and spirits exports reached a share of 30% (for a value of 7.8 billion euros) of total food and beverage exported by Italy. This is what emerges from the first joint report by MediobancaSACE and Ipsos on the Italian wine & spirits sector, published a few days ago.

The sector had been growing for many years: +6.3% average per year for Italian wines in the period 2010-19, rising to +9.7% for spirits. Last year was marked by a slowdown: exports of wines dropped by -2.3%, those of spirits by -6.8%. In 2020, Italian wine exports reached a value of 6.3 billion euros. Italian wines are mainly served on tables in the USA (23.1% share on total exports), Germany (17.1%), and the UK (11.4%). 

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