Italy dominates top 15 brands in the global shoe sector, study says

Dec 28, 2015 362

by  Chiara Beghelli

Another billion women will enter the workforce during the next ten years. This is good news not only for equal opportunity, but also for shoe producers. According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the "women's professional" will be the largest-growing category of footwear and will drive the sales of this sector up to $211.5 bn in 2018, especially in Asia-Pacific, Europe and US.

In order to define the strategies of the main brands with shoe production as their core business, the research group Fashionbi has published the "Premium Shoes Market" report, which includes the top 15 of the brands in terms of income, retail, and web reputation. Eight brands out of the top 15 are Italian. And an Italian brand dominates the list, Salvatore Ferragamo, occupying the first position for both income and number of stores.

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Fonte: Italy24


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