Italy, The Surprising Digital Leader

Oct 07, 2021 301


Italy can hardly stop proving itself this year. While knows that Italy is the undisputed ruler of music and sports in 2021, there’s another sector now defined by Italian success — a sector that’s more surprising. Today, according to research from the European Center for Digital Competitiveness (ECDC), our traditional tech laggard now looks to be a model of a digital hub. How did this astonishing transformation happen?

Responding to crisis: the Digital Europe Programme

To aid Europe’s recovery from the pandemic, the EU has made considerable sums of cash available. The Next Generation EU fund — with which Italy’s National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PNRR) — is just one stream of aid. Yet, as part of the Digital Europe Programme, EU funding of a further €7.5 billion has been made available for digital hubs that are (or will be) supported by their member state.

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