Italy’s Treasures, Ennio Morricone: A Living Legend

Sep 04, 2018 428

BY: Magda Lauer

This year on the 10th November this brilliant composer and musician, often referred to as’ Parrot Estrada’, will turn ninety! The huge body of work, spanning seven decades, and the innovative and original compositions which he has created for radio, theatre and film is an achievement few could have surpassed. Indeed our memory banks are the richer for his dedication and creative achievements in his field. This article could in no way cover Morricone’s enormous body of work, but acknowledges him as, quote: ‘the world’s greatest living film composer’

This November at the O2 in London a celebration of his work, spanning sixty years will take place and it will be his last London performance. The Czech National Symphony Orchestra and the Crouch End Festival Chorus will be performing his work and the Maestro himself will be conducting. 

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