A luxury boat that's perfect for high-flyers! 'Mega' 490ft-long superyacht-cum-blimp that is designed to FLY as well as sail is unveiled in futuristic concept

Jan 13, 2022 270


An Italian design firm has unveiled its latest luxury yacht – and it's designed to fly as well as sail the world's oceans.  Called Air Yacht, the extravagant vehicle has been revealed in concept images from Rome-based firm Lazzarini Design Studio.

The dry carbon fibre structure can reach 60 knots thanks to four solar-powered electric propellers and two helium-filled blimps, allowing it to fly, hover and float on the water too.  Air Yacht stays airborne because its blimps are inflated with a gas that is lighter than air – in this case helium – while it gets momentum from its massive propellers. 

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SOURCE: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/

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