Make in Italy showcases 50 years of Italian innovation

May 20, 2015 261

The world's first desktop personal computer, the world's first microchip, the accelerometer in most peoples' smartphones... all these elements have something in common which probably very few people are aware of: they were invented by Italians. While much media attention is paid to "made in Italy" fashion and food, perhaps too little is given to the country's incredible history of innovation. A new exhibit, "Make in Italy - The Exhibition", aims to start correcting this imbalance.

The exhibition - which is being hosted simultaneously at Milan's National Museum of Science and Technology and at the TIM space at the Expo 2015 grounds in Rho - tells a history, through the objects on display, of the leading Italian-made innovations and innovators of the past 50 years. Computer buffs will learn that the Olivetti Programma 101 was the first desktop computer in the world.

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