Maremma and Sicily: An Unusual Pairing

Apr 02, 2021 136


At a recent tasting of wines from Maremma, I began to think…this region of Tuscany is often compared to Provence, northwest of the area by some 400 miles and around the bend of the Ligurian Sea, but comparisons with Sicily, almost 650 miles due south, bear remarkable similarities. Both see fewer tourists than other Italian regions, yet there are so many reasons to visit, not the least of which are their wines. They are among the best kept secrets for travel in Italy.

Situated in Tuscany’s southwest area, Maremma has mountains and 100 miles of coastline, vineyards and olive groves, abundant wheat growing on its plains, and marshland, from where Maremma takes its name.  The forests are full of pine trees that perfume the air, and mushrooms carpet the undergrowth.

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