Meet The Glamorous Grannies of Milan, Our New Style Obsession

Jan 04, 2019 1076

We all know that Milanese women possess an old school glamour that (rightfully) cements the city's place as one of the most stylish in the world. How often, though, do we give the Milanese nonnas (that's 'grandmothers' in Italian) credit for their chic looks? Luckily, Instagram account Sciuraglamis seeking to do just that.

Founded by Angelo, a dental student from southern Italy who wishes to keep his identity a secret, the Instagram account features the stylish older women of Milan. Angelo named the account 'Scuira', meaning 'rich woman' in Milanese dialect, due to the location in which he finds most of his subjects. “They are always in the centre of Milan, because they are rich,” he told Vogue. “If I go to Bar Luce [the Wes Anderson-imagined establishment in Fondazione Prada] there are always women there having coffee.”

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