Movie review: From the Vine, a film about finding yourself in Italy

Sep 08, 2021 739

BY: Toby Woollaston

Joe Pantoliano has been put out to pasture, quite literally, in this film about finding yourself in rural Italy. Pantoliano, who contorted our minds in Christopher Nolan's Memento, double-crossed us in The Matrix, and ran with the mob in The Sopranos, is now making wine in the idyllic Italian town of Acerenza.

Yep, Pantoliano's career arc has a familiar ring to it; quality actor hits retirement age and is shoe-horned into a "twilight-years film". Think Diane Keaton, Bill Nighy, and, well, pretty much the entire cast of Marigold Hotel. But there is something endearing about the "find yourself in retirement" flick that has struck a notable chord with its audience — so much that it's pretty much become a genre in its own right and From the Vine has set down roots firmly at its centre.

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