Nomisma, Italian PDO and PGI wine exports exceed 5 billion euros: Prosecco is the “king”

Mar 28, 2024 172

It has not been an easy year for wine, internationally, amidst consumption crises, weather conditions that undermined production and markets that did not take off, Asia first and foremost. Yet between ups and downs, Italy, on the whole, has held up, as WineNews also reported recently.

Succeeding, in particular, in closing 2023 with a hold on the export front of packaged PDO wines, surpassing the quota of 5.1 billion euros (+0.3% on the previous year). However, volumes, amounting to 1.3 million hectoliters, suffer a -3.8% contraction on 2022. This result allows Italy to maintain the second place in Europe among the main exporters of PDO wines, after France and before Spain. 

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