Officine La Rossa, the new challenge of Italian excellence

Aug 24, 2021 553

BY: Sergio Ragone

After the great crisis caused by the closures during the difficult months of the fight against Covid, Italian catering restarts from Made in Italy and from the excellence of the territory. An example of how this strategy is successful is offered to us by the newly created platform "Officine La Rossa", a real hub of Lucanian food and wine excellences, which recently opened in Rotonda, a village of extraordinary beauty and home of the excellent red aubergine dop.

The creator of the project, which makes use of the collaboration with the Lucanian Coldiretti, is Franco Bruno who presented the basic idea of the Officine as follows: "Our challenge is to welcome the many tourists who come to Rotonda every year, in the Pollino Park - explained Bruno - in this structure and let them taste, right from breakfast, the best of agri-food products made in Basilicata; an initiative that aims to promote the best synergies between sustainable tourism and food at km 0, combined with the typical hospitality of the Lucanian communities ".

The platform focuses entirely on the food and wine of the area, hinging on the recognized quality of the products and the excellences that are emerging. All the proposed products are related to “I am Lucan, an agri-food selection promoted by Coldiretti of Basilicata. This union also includes the choice of the strategic partner that "Officine La Rossa" made for the care of the design and set-up of the restaurant, Fimel, theater of this new extraordinary story that looks to the future with a deep respect for the past. and with its roots firmly planted in the land and in the Lucanian traditions.

The architect Mariangela Meliante, manager and creative director of the historic company, tells the story of the work done by Fimel: "The process that led us to the result has been articulated and involved structural adaptation work. to join two adjacent rooms and bring them back to their original shape. We have thus restored the old size to ensure an adequate surface to host and optimally promote the top of the agri-food production made in Basilicata, in synergy with Io sono Lucano promoted by Coldiretti Lucana.

The room is accessed by two glass doors that insist on the main square of the village from which it is already possible to immerse yourself in the setting. An alternation of wooden furnishings and iron structures mark and mark the space, harmoniously distributing the lucanity in all its forms. In a theatrical setting, an imperious glass-cut counter catches the eye from the entrance. The counter becomes a symbol par excellence of the opulence of Lucanian agro-food products given the powerful offer of podolic, goat, pecorino and salami from black pigs and the many products of excellence. A game of drawers open on the front leads us back to the aromas and flavors of which our land is rich.

Lush aromatic plants, thyme, mallow, rosemary, oregano, basil as well as ferns and ivy decorate the convivial environment with naturalness and authenticity. The cascading lights in wine red rope interrupt the play of the contrasting beams with a classic-style checkered floor with a wood effect. The red wine is taken up by the iron bulkheads creating a deliberate game of references to the workshop intended as a place for making master craftsmen who with skilled hands are able to transform the raw material into a work of art, in this case culinary in an osmotic relationship with the patrons, without filters to testify the passion and authenticity of Basilicata in all forms ".

“Officine La Rossa” therefore has all the right ingredients to conquer the palates of travelers and fascinate their eyes with the beauty of the details in the fittings. A mix of all-Italian excellence that is destined for extraordinary future goals.

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