Private Cooking classes online, a partnership with We the Italians

Mar 07, 2021 291

Because of the pandemic, I offer online fun, informal, hands-on, personalized and tailored made to my clients’ needs classes about healthy Italian cuisine, nutrition, culture and Italian etiquette. The idea of my lesson is to give you the flavor of true Italian lifestyle through food. Price can vary from 60-80 €, with a 10% discount for the readers of We the Italians.  

The lesson will be held online upon request. It will include the preparation of one or two recipes for example homemade pasta with a sauce/risotto/ tiramisù/cantucci and many other recipes that we can select together.  A brief discussion about the origins and nutritional properties of each of the foods will be included as well.

I teach in English or Italian, using both metric and imperial measurements. The lessons are about 90 minutes long.

“There are so many classes available online, so why should you choose me?” If you know my blog, my books and my column on We the Italians magazine e you will certainly realize that my approach is different: I try to share my passion, motivation, life experience and scientific knowledge during my classes. 

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