The Return of Abruzzo’s Lush Vineyards Is Centuries in the Making

Sep 11, 2019 229

BY: Rachel Vadaj

With its abundance of succulent vineyards, Abruzzo has become a successful wine region of Italy’s east coast. Geographically speaking, Abruzzo is the picturesque setting for grapes to flourish. The region is nestled between the Apennine mountain range and Maiella massif on the west, and the Adriatic sea to the east.

This area has a rugged, mountainous region full of lush landscape that meets a long coastline. Vines rooted in the high altitudes of the mountains experience drastic temperature variations throughout the day because of the sunshine and cool mountain air currents. With an enviable amount of sunshine, refreshing rainfall and variable climate, these vines can thrive in their perfect mesoclimates.

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