Scolacium: Ancient Roman Ruins in Calabria

Dec 18, 2023 1366

Scolacium is one of many destinations in Calabria that many, including Calabrians, don’t know about. And, honestly, they are missing out! It’s without a doubt an important historical site in Calabria. Not to mention it offers visitors a unique experience, an experience that blends and weaves together elements from Ancient Greece, Rome, and Medieval times!

Scolacium is not too far inland from the shores of the Gulf of Squillace on the east coast of Calabria. It is part of the municipality of Borgia in the province of Catanzaro. What makes this area so interesting is that it contains an ancient 40-hectare olive grove. I know what you are thinking – what’s so unique about an olive grove in southern Italy? Well, this ancient olive grove kept a hidden treasure secret for many years.

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