Susumaniello - Puglia's Rediscovered Wine

Jun 23, 2021 240

BY: Alessandra Tibollo

The Susumaniello wine grape would have disappeared if a family of Apulian winemakers didn't intervene. Now, it's destined to become just as famous as Negroamaro or Primitivo.  Susumaniello is widespread in the Brindisi area, finding its best expression in the sandy soil, constant ventilation, and brackish air of the area overlooking the sea of Salento. Its characteristics are those of wines that are suitable for aging.  

Luigi Rubino himself, the owner of Tenute Rubino, a family business, tells the story of the "bailout," which in his own territory, was the leader in the vine's recovery. "When they started making wine at the beginning of the new millennium, there were a dozen hectares throughout the province. Today we are at 400."

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