Tales from an Italian Rice Farmer: Igiea Adami

Sep 29, 2020 162

BY: Sandra Salerno

We got to chat with Igiea Adami, the mind behind Beni di Busonengo, where Adami farms her very own rice in Busonengo (near Biella, Piemonte region) – a location steeped in the history of growing and harvesting rice since the mid-1500s.

Following her instincts, Igiea returned to the land of Busonengo after graduating college, so she could pursue her passion and love for agriculture further. Adami’s farm and the ancient village of Busonengo are both located between two of the most important rivers of the Vercelli area, the Cervo and the Elvo. 

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SOURCE: https://www.lacucinaitaliana.com

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