The $106 Million ‘Eataly World’ Revealed

Nov 18, 2016 170

By Kate Krader

Italian food fans, gird your loins. Eataly World is almost here. When it opens its doors in Bologna in Sept. 2017 (if all goes as scheduled), the 20-acre complex promises to showcase 10,000-square meters (108,000-square feet) of orchards, gardens, and pastures; 40 different workshops where you can watch pasta and cheeses being made; and 25 different restaurants and food stalls. Eataly reps are projecting that six million tourists will come visit annually; two million will be foreigners.

For loyal followers of the Italian-focused megastore, it's the equivalent of a highly anticipated blockbuster film; it's the Avengers: Infinity War of food franchises, one that has almost 30 locations around the world, from Turin to Turkey to Tokyo.

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