Top 3 prehistoric sites in Basilicata

Apr 14, 2020 537

With its history-rich past, South Italy is famous all over the world for its many archaeological sites. What perhaps not everyone knows is that in Basilicata you can also visit much older sites, with very interesting findings dating back to the Lower Paleolithic, the era in which homo erectus lived and hunted in the region, approximately 850.000 years ago. Here are the top 3 prehistorical sites of Basilicata you can't miss.

The Paleolithic Park of Notarchirico
In the municipality of Venosa, about ten kilometers away from the city center, there is a large excavation that constitutes the Paleolithic Park of Notarchirico. This site is of international importance, being so far one of the best preserved and richest in finds on the Pleistocene.

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