This Transparent Prosecco Tote Is the Best Way to Keep Bubbly on Hand This Summer

Jul 10, 2019 218


Chances are you’ll be enjoying a splash of prosecco in your Aperol spritzes this summer—we get it, the aromatic aperitif is delicious—but the versatile Italian bubbly is much more than the third ingredient in a summer cocktail. In fact, Prosecco’s effervescent beauty is best experienced sans additional liquor, straight from the bottle—a twee mini bottle, of course. (Let’s keep it classy.)

And, we’ve just found the perfect grab-and-go accessory to ensure you have not one but six bottles at hand all summer long. The purveyors of Prosecco at renowned Italian winery Ruffino have partnered with hip Brooklyn-based label Stickbaby to launch a six-pack Prosecco tote in completely see-through PVC.

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