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Treviso is a city located in the region of Veneto in Italy. It is also the capital of the Treviso province. There are around 82,000 inhabitants in the city, and around 3,000 people live within the famous Venetian Walls in the historic city center. According to many scholars, the ancient city had been named Tarvisium and it derived its name from a Celtic settlement tribe called Taurusci. Many other scholars think that the city might have been named from tarvos which means bull in the Indo European ancient roots.

The city was made a municipium in the year 89 BC after Cisalpine Gaul had been added by the Romans to their region. The citizens of the city then belonged to the tribe of Claudia with Roman roots. It lay in a strategic location close to Via Postumia which connected Aquileia to Opitergium which had been two of the most important cities in the Roman Venetia in the medieval times. The city has not been mentioned very widely by ancient writers.

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