Vernazza Is Poetry in Motion Along Northern Italy’s Cinque Terre

Jun 27, 2019 234

BY: Judy Schumaker

A simple “thank you, Vernazza” is not enough for all you have given me. From your first train station village views, your daily “Buongiorno” from all who crossed my path, your sunrises and sunsets, and the last sounds of the Ligurian Sea—my heart is full. I did not visit Vernazza for a couple of hours, or for a day, but for four glorious, amazing days.

I experienced kindness, respect, Italian conversation, smiles, laughter, handmade goods and the flavors of the region through food, local wines and my daily gelato tasting. Your nightlife is all part of “La Passeggiata,” walking, connecting with friends and discussing the goings on of the day.

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