Weekend Wanderlust: Chiavenna, where hospitality is a way of life

Apr 21, 2019 90

BY: Rachael Martin

crotto is a type of mountain grotto, and Chiavenna is the lovely mountain town in Valchiavenna, above the northern end of Lake Como, where you can find them. The name Chiavenna comes from the Latin clavis, key, a reference to the fact that the town lies between three mountain passes: Maloja Pass, Septimer Pass and Splügen Pass. These three passes led to Rezia, the Roman Empire’s alpine territories, and remained important communication routes during the Middle Ages. Chiavenna is a town that’s used to people who are passing through.

Chiavenna’s crotti are characteristic of both the town and the valley, with about 80 of them in total. They’re also found elsewhere around Lake Como, although it’s Valchiavenna that has the highest concentration. You can often find them in groups, such as along Corso Pratogiano in Chiavenna.

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SOURCE: https://www.thelocal.it/

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