What Italy Can Teach Us About Ditching Food Fads

Oct 04, 2019 199

BY: Tamara Duker Freuman

I RECENTLY ATE MY WAY through a family vacation to Italy while wearing two proverbial hats: American tourist and nutrition professional. As I sit here clearing my inbox of backlogged nutrition headlines – apparently, I missed the emergence of “The Potato Hack Diet” (a plan that would have us eating nothing but 2 to 5 pounds of plain, unadorned potatoes for up to five days, in case you missed it too) – I realize what a welcome break it was to spend two weeks eating traditional meals in a place with little interest in food fads.

It’s gotten me thinking a lot about what it means to live in a place with a longstanding, resilient food culture – and the consequences of living somewhere that doesn’t. A country’s food culture is an encompassing, unifying approach to food production and eating that pervades how most individuals eat, with broadly-accepted norms that are woven into the fabric of everyday life. 

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SOURCE: https://health.usnews.com

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