Wine in Liguria: A Land of Contrasts

Jul 20, 2018 669

BY: Frank Cipparone

The coastline that stretches from Tuscany to the French border, with Genoa at its center, has some of Italy’s most stunning scenery. Southeast of the city is the Riviera di Levante, home to the Cinque Terre, Portofino and Rapallo. To the west, travelers and locals flock to the sandy beaches of the Riviera Ponente.

Liguria is a land of contrasts, from touristy resorts to remote villages in the wild, mountainous interior. With all the region has to offer, its wine production ranks near the bottom. Like Calabria, rugged terrain means limited output. Rather than stress what Liguria’s lacks, or an overview of its wines, I’d like to share my thoughts on those I’ve tasted. They tell a story of winemakers committed to using virtually unknown grapes that only grow in this region.

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