You Can Learn The History Of This Italian City As You Shop

Sep 26, 2019 255

BY: Catherine Sabino

Italy’s historic shops are among its many treasures, defying the odds and surviving for hundreds of years, despite the country’s complex past. Like Florence and Rome and other destinations, Genoa is committed to preserving these special places, here called botteghe storiche, that were established between the 17th and the first half of the 20th centuries.

The city describes the botteghe as “living monuments,” and indeed they are–in addition to providing unique shopping experiences these stores and workshops help keep modern Genoa connected to the traditions and craftsmanship of its storied history. Here are seven of these places (in alphabetical order) to visit the next time you are in Genoa. (For a complete list and suggested itineraries, go to: BottegheStoricheGenova. To find out about the city’s historic pastry shops, click here.)

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