17 ways your eating and drinking habits change when you live in Italy

Oct 16, 2019 379

People's habits change in subtle ways when they move abroad, and in food-obsessed Italy the changes are most obvious when it comes to eating and drinking. When you rst move it's likely you'll still be craving foods from home or (if you're like me) pouring milk into your tea for some time. But sooner or later you'll nd you've ditched your old ways and adopted Italian-style dining habits. Here are just some of the ways your eating and drinking habits might change in Italy - depending on how resistant you are.

Eating better quality food

The biggest and most obvious change for most people is that you'll be eating high-quality, fresh produce pretty much all the time, whether you eat at restaurants or cook at home. Fresh food markets are common in Italy, so it's easy enough to get hold of the best ingredients yourself. But even if you stuff your face with pizza and gelato, there's a good chance even that will be handmade with fresh ingredients.

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SOURCE: https://www.thelocal.it

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