1959 Scaglietti Corvettes Are A Rare Look At American Power And Italian Craftsmanship

Feb 22, 2015 647

It sounds like the perfect combination, doesn't it? The gorgeous, elegant lines of an Italian road-going masterpiece and the power of a no-frills American V8. If you're thinking it seems like something only dreams are made of, you'd be delightfully wrong. That's where the trio of 1959 Scaglietti Corvettes come in to sweep us off our feet.

A little history on the 1959 Scaglietti Corvette is in order, no doubt. It was a project aimed at combining the reliability of an American V8 engine and the aura that surrounded an Italian sportscar, sans the high-cost mechanical repairs. A few of the founding fathers of this project may sound familiar to you.

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