6th Day of Christmas: Warm Your Heart to These Italian Christmas Memories

Dec 21, 2018 360

Barbara Falzone The clink clink clink of clams being scrubbed in the sink. The smell of fried shrimp. Beautiful whole lobsters cleaned and baking in a spicy tomato sauce. Aglio e oglio gently purring in the frying pan to make the clam sauce. The tree glowing, music playing, my mom and aunt in their Christmas aprons. My most favorite night of the year. I have such wonderful memories of Christmases past.

Jan Hardy Christmas Eve at my Auntie Marge’s house. It was also my cousin’s birthday. She had a big house on a hill with a huge picture window, we would sit and watch the sky looking for Santa. The next day, we had a huge Christmas dinner. They would slice up salami and add it to the stuffing. Lots of little Italian cookies. So many different things to eat: ham, turkey, garlic pot roast, stuffing, potatoes, lasagna. Loved playing with Christmas toys with my cousins. Loved listening to my Mom and my Auntie gossiping in Italian, It was a happy, loving, magical thing in our family. I miss that with all my heart.

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