Al Pacino's still chasing next great role

Jan 30, 2015 755

When he enters a room, he knows his reputation precedes him. People look at him and see Michael Corleone from "The Godfather," Sonny Wortzik from "Dog Day Afternoon," Tony Montana from "Scarface," Ricky Roma from "Glengarry Glen Ross." Eight Oscar nominations and one win. Two Tonys. Two Emmys. He's Al Pacino!

He knows all of this, yet even after all these years, it still seems to surprise him. "When I talk to people, no matter where I go, they want to talk about things I've done," says Pacino, 74, in an interview. "That's so interesting to me. People ask me about the '70s -- sometimes I just say, 'I don't remember the '70s!' "

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