American Academy in Rome announces Rome Prize winners

Apr 14, 2014 1419

The American Academy in Rome is pleased to present the winners of the 118th annual Rome Prize Competition. The names were announced at the Arthur & Janet C. Ross Rome Prize Ceremony held at the Harmonie Club in New York City on 10 April.

Recipients of the 2014-2015 Rome Prizes are provided with a fellowship that includes a stipend, a study or studio, and room and board for a period of six months to two years in Rome, Italy.

The 2014-2015 Rome Prize winners are:

Andy Akiho, Musical Composition
Ivan Cangemi, Ancient Studies
Denise Rae Costanzo, Modern Italian Studies
Nathan S. Dennis, Ancient Studies
Marilynn Desmond, Medieval Studies
Michelle DiMarzo, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
Firat Erdim, Architecture
Margaret Gaida, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
Rob Giampietro, Design
Carin Goldberg, Design
Corin Hewitt, Visual Arts
Kim Karlsrud & Daniel Phillips, Landscape Architecture
Adam Kuby, Landscape Architecture
Krys Lee, Literature
Sarah Levin-Richardson, Ancient Studies
Ruth W. Lo, Modern Italian Studies
John V. Maciuika, Historic Preservation and Conservation
Cynthia Madansky, Visual Arts
Paula Matthusen, Musical Composition
Dave McKenzie, Visual Arts
Abinadi Meza, Visual Arts
Liz Moore, Literature
David Anthony Morris, Medieval Studies
Jessica Nowlin, Ancient Studies
Sailakshmi Ramgopal, Ancient Studies
Heather L. Reid, Ancient Studies
Anna Serotta, Historic Preservation and Conservation
Vincent L. Snyder, Architecture
Stefania Tutino, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
Joseph John Viscomi, Modern Italian Studies

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