Best Italian Food in the USA (not in New York City)

Jul 08, 2019 221

BY: Kim Hastings

First of all, Gildshire has nothing against New York City. In fact, we love the Big Apple! We love the Boroughs for their unique personalities. We adore the very idea of Times Square on New Year’s Eve, and we cherish the taste of a pretzel with mustard served hot from a sidewalk pushcart. Gildshire cares enough to ponder important questions about New York City.

There are no eggs and no cream in an egg cream. What’s up with that? That said, New Yorkers are well-served when it comes to Italian eateries. According to a national aggregator of such things, there are 1,278 Italian restaurants in New York City. Argue amongst yourselves about which one is the best, folks. Our task today is to venture outside of New York to find the best Italian food in all the land. Surely there are superb Italian restaurants outside of New York? Aren’t there?

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