Celebrate our nation, Italian heritage on Columbus Day

Oct 12, 2015 623

by Michael Nozzolio

Today we not only celebrate the vast accomplishments of Christopher Columbus but we celebrate our Nation, our freedoms and all of those who have made the American dream possible. As Americans, we are fortunate to have many compelling historical figures to thank for their contributions to our nation. We have explorers like Christopher Columbus who ventured into the unknown, risking their lives in the name of discovery. Our founding fathers who framed the United States government into a balanced constitutional democracy thus giving us fair and citizen-based leadership.

President Abraham Lincoln and those who fought for a moral and just Nation, a nation where all humans are provided freedom and liberty. We have all our American veterans, war heroes who gave their lives, shed their blood and fought against evil and those who sought to destroy the freedoms we hold dear. As we reflect on those who framed America, we are reminded that we are the greatest nation in the world because of them.

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