CFP MLA 2018 NYC: From Anarchism to Assimilation: The Making of Italian Americans

Jan 16, 2017 507

by Nancy Caronia 

In conjunction with the MLA theme: #States of Insecurity, this panel seeks contributions that complicate notions of assimilation and the assimilated Italian American. How has Italian American radicalization been minimized, erased, or marginalized in favor of the assimilation tale of struggle, hard work, and success? How have Italian radical migrants' stories been homogenized by the mythic and legal processes of assimilation, including the Alien Registration Act? How have other ethnic and racial minorities used the example of Italian American assimilation to create their assimilation stories? Seeking contributions especially in gender studies, race and ethnic studies, urban studies, working class studies, and digital humanities.

Contact Nancy Caronia at for further information. Submit abstracts of 300 words and short bios of no more than 150 words by March 10, 2017 to the above email address.

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