Columbus Citizens Foundation Urges University Of Notre Dame To Reconsider Its Recent Censorship Of Columbus Murals

Jan 24, 2019 574

The Columbus Citizens Foundation has made a public plea to the University of Notre Dame to reconsider its recent censorship of Christopher Columbus from the University's Main Building. Notre Dame's President, Reverend John Jenkins, recently announced the university's plans to cover twelve murals depicting various stages of Columbus's life.  The murals were painted by Luigi Gregori, a renowned Italian artist, in the 1880s.

Marian Pardo, President of the Columbus Citizens Foundation, said of Notre Dame's recent act of historical censure; "We cannot understand how an institution of higher learning is willing to participate in the eradication of history in such a blatant manner. Thousands of Americans of all ethnicities and races across the nation have always looked to Notre Dame as an institution dedicated to the expansion of knowledge and the recognition of the contributions of all. The University's recent decision affirms that this trust was misplaced.  The Columbus Citizens Foundation urges the President and School of Fellows to reconsider their decision."

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