Columbus - A multicultural approach

Nov 04, 2020 414

BY: Matthew Guarnieri

A unifying solution to the attack on Christopher Columbus as we re-examine history as a diverse community is to include Columbus statues and multicultural statues in shared spaces to show that our heritages, together for better or worse, form one America. That space should be designated for all members of the community. Remember, Taino Chief Guacanagari and Columbus were allies. We can be, too.

Rafel Ortiz, author of “Christopher Columbus The Hero,” is of Taino (Puerto Rican) descent and defends Columbus and Italian Americans. Ortiz counters every point against Columbus with context and citations: “I hope the media retract their false biographies and accusations on Columbus and correct their mistakes. I hope people will stop sharing false information in social media, without first double-checking the facts.”

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