Enough is enough on Columbus statute removals - IAOVC is going to court to preserve our Italian American heritage

Jul 14, 2020 649

BY: Manny Alfano, IAOVC Founder and President

I was overcome with joy and a great sense of pride for the support our IAOVC Board Members displayed at our last Video Board Meeting.  IAOVC Board Member, Frank Lorenzo, charged with researching legal means, introduced the concept of a network of Italian American attorneys, working in various states and municipalities, to institute litigation to correct the terrible injustices. 

This aggressive action is directed against those municipalities that voted to remove Columbus Statutes or where already removed. Mr. Lorenzo presented the qualifications of a capable and knowledgeable lawyer to head the IAOVC team locally. It was stated that the legal team has identified three target municipalities and are preparing aggressive litigation. 

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SOURCE: http://www.iaovc.org

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